attendance management

Attendance Management

Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time. With EzyTimeStation you don’t need to wait until the end of the pay period to review attendance records. Managers can also monitor and get up to the second reports regarding employee time and attendance anytime they want.

Employee Dashboard

Employee Attendance Dashboard

All you need to do is enter every employee’s name, machine ID and organization’s policies and let our solution do it’s magic. EzyTimeStation allows you to view the attendance history of any employee in detail. Daily, monthly and weekly reports can be generated of the clock in/out time of any employee. Following are some of the features of EzyTimeStation

  • Simple and user-friendly employee dashboard
  • Daily, weekly and monthly attendance summary report
  • View attendance history of any employee, anytime

Employee Dashboard

Receive SMS & Email Notification

This feature is ideal for school, colleges and educational institutes. SMS or email is sent with each clock in or out, which allows the guardians to keep a closer look at the attendance of their children. The SMS and Email notification can also be turned off anytime by the administrator. CEOs and small business owners can track the attendance of their employees from anywhere in the world.

Print Employee Cards Using EzyTimeStation

Admins can easily print out employee cards using our application. Each card will have a QR bar code with which the users can clock in and out of the app. If you don’t want to invest in a Bio metric attendance machine, our mobile application can also be used to manage user’s attendance. Our application is seamless and it takes only a few seconds to clock in and out using QR bar codes.

Employee cards

Daily Attendance View Report

Our application allows you to view the time in and time out, late arrivals, work hours and every other detail of each employee. In the daily attendance report you can view time spend by each employee, official working hours, excess/short hours for each day. Attendance report also contains the remaining leaves balance of each employee along with summary of days present and absent.

Daily attendance

Attendance Summary Report

EzyTimeStation attendance summary report shows you the number of hours worked by any employee. All you need to do is pick the dates you want to see data of and pick the department of the employee and our software will show the complete details. The reports can also be printed out, exported in other formats and sent to any email address directly for the software.

Attendance Summary

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