payroll management

Payroll Management

You'll save both time and money with EzyTimeStation. Generate detailed pay slips for each employee that can be easily viewed anytime. The data is generated in accordance with the clock in and out time of your employees. Late arrivals, leaves and allowances are automatically generated using EzyTimeStation.

Generate Monthly Salary Slips of Your Employees in Just a Few Clicks

Overtime, late arrivals, short hours and every other necessary detail is automatically calculated during salary generation process through EzyTimeStation. Our software prevents you from human error and the data is 100% accurate. The salary slips generated using EzyTimeStation can be printed out in any format and can also be directly emailed to the employee. Every pay slip has all the details of deductions, so employees know their shortcomings, work in it.

Generate salary

Employee Loan & Advance Management

Once you set up the initial information of your organization’s policies our system will automatically track employee loans, advance, allowances, provident fund. Employees can also see their own balances of leaves, deductions and other details eliminating time consuming requests to human resources to lookup that information.



Set Your Own Holiday Policies, Overtime & Working Days

Whether your business operates on weekends or weekdays our solution can be molded as per your requirements. From Eid holidays to independence days, set your own holiday policies and leave types. EzyTimeStation can be configured to the company’s own rules. The weekly overtime hours of employees can also be compensated in the payroll using our software.

Company Policy

Salary Transfer Letter

Salary transfer letter features makes it easy for finance department of a company to send salary transfer email directly from the software. You can do all the necessary payroll activities and transfer salary to employees using EzyTimeStation

Salary Transfer

Income Tax Slabs Management

EzyTimeStation makes income tax slab management super easy for you. All you need to do is add the income tax slabs for the current financial year and our software will take care of the rest. As income tax slabs management feature has been tried and test by Tax consultants, which makes our product completely stable for tax management.

Automated Tax Slabs

EzyTimeStation will automatically generate and update Tax slabs in your account, even before you know it. Our experts will constantly be on the lookout for any policy/statutory changes announced by the government to keep you up-to-date.

Tax Payer List Report

Using EzyTimeStation, you can check the tax payer list report of each individual. This report give you the exact data for each given month, allowing you to stay up to date with the tax cycle.

Provident Fund

Employee Provident Fund Computation

EzyTimeStation has covered all the necessary features that a company looks for in a Provident Fund management module. Employee PF withdrawal, PF summary of the employees and PF ledger can be easily managed using our software.

Our very easy and quick final settlement module will help you manage the discontinuation of employees. Opening balance of employee ledgers, contributions of current year, profit of current year, advance taken and other deductions will be easily calculated using EzyTimeStation.

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